Georgie Stubbert

Georgie Stubbert

General Manager, Epping Gardens

Why did you join Heritage Care?

Heritage Care has been a personal aspiration since learning and embracing the values of the organisation. Our mission to be “The best … in everything we do” has encouraged me to seek opportunities to further enhance myself and grow as an individual, which I believe directly aligns and depicts the fundamental concept of “Grow Your Own” from the Heritage Care’s ‘WRIGHTS’ model.

What is your professional background?

My passion within the residential aged care setting has been evident since the age of seventeen, where I was first exposed to the sector as a volunteer.

Since then, I have worked in various departments including but not limited to; cleaning/laundry, catering, lifestyle, reception and as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA).

Upon my commencement with Heritage Care, it’s nurturing culture led me to enrol myself into further education (Diploma of Nursing and Diploma in Leadership and Management), to expand my skillset and allow me to support the facilities as a Quality Support Officer.

What difference do you hope to make with the group?

High standards of quality care to our consumer’s we care for and to assist with further developing our organisational systems.

Describe your most rewarding moment with Heritage?

Being provided an opportunity in a management position as the General Manager of Epping Gardens.

Describe the team you work with?

The prospects of career progression, the support/mentoring received and various other qualities consistently displayed by the ‘Leadership Group’, truly demonstrate the organisational commitment to its stakeholders, and in turn my ongoing loyalty. The local leadership team at Epping Gardens are a true representation of great work ethics. I have been fortunate enough to watch the Epping Gardens team grow from the first day we opened.

What do you hope to achieve with Heritage?

I hope to be an ongoing asset and resource in all future endeavours.