Karen Villa

Karen Villa

General Manager, Chomley House

Why did you join Heritage Care?

Joining the team was a coincidence on my part. When Heritage Care acquired Chomley House in 2014, I was working as a newly employed Grad RN. At Heritage Care, I was given the opportunity to learn in a very supportive environment and develop my own skills as an aged care nurse. The support provided by many of my team members has allowed me to pave out my own career path within the organisation.

What is your professional background?

I am a Registered Nurse back in my home country, the Philippines. I arrived in Australia in 2013 to study and earn my Australian registration. Whilst studying, I gained employment as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) at Chomley House and eventually was offered a registered nurse position after completing my studies at Deakin University. From there, Heritage Care has supported me and provided mentoring; from being a Graduate RN and advancing to various positions as a Clinical Care Coordinator, Deputy Director of Nursing, Director of Nursing, a secondment as a Quality RN and now as the current General Manager of Chomley House.

What difference do you hope to make with the group?

To continue being a team player within the organisation, providing the best quality of care to our care recipients and their families.

Describe your most rewarding moment with Heritage?

My most rewarding moment was being recognised for my hard work and quality of care by the care recipients, their families, staff, and colleagues of Heritage Care which eventually resulted in getting the position as the General Manager of Chomley House.

Describe the team you work with?

The team of Heritage Care lives up to the organisation’s Mission: “The best … in everything we do”. The team works well together and are supportive to each other. I have been given the privilege to work with a very professional team.

What do you hope to achieve with Heritage?

I hope to continue to contribute to the team in order to achieve our organisation’s mission and to uphold the best quality of care to all care recipients and continue to work with such a wonderful team.