Neriman (Nezz) Blacker

Neriman (Nezz) Blacker

Clinical Services Manager

Why did you join Heritage Care?

I joined Heritage Care knowing that it is a growing organisation that has values that align with my own.

What is your professional background?

I have worked within aged care for more than 15 years in various clinical roles.

What difference do you hope to make with the group?

I want to be recognised within the community as “The best … in everything we do”. Implementing best practice not only within the organisation but throughout our nursing staffs’ career.

Describe your most rewarding moment with Heritage?

The most rewarding moments are in providing the clinical care to all our residents and being confident and knowing that that they are receiving the best care.

Describe the team you work with?

The team are highly motivated, driven and only aim to achieve the best.

What do you hope to achieve with Heritage?

I aim to continue to provide my clinical expertise within the organisation.