Niki Reeve

Niki Reeve

National Quality Manager, Heritage Care

Why did you join Heritage Care?

I was offered an opportunity to be a part of an organisation that is genuine in its mission to be ‘the best’. Heritage Care demands excellence and is prepared to employ and source the resources to achieve this outcome.

What is your professional background?

I am a Registered Nurse with significant experience in mental health nursing and management. I have Post Graduate Qualifications in human resource management and I am a Registered Quality Assessor with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

What difference do you hope to make with the group?

Outstanding quality care and services for the people we care for.

Describe your most rewarding moment with Heritage?

Achieving an outstanding reaccreditation audit at Chomley House in June 2015 within three months of commencing my role.

Describe the team you work with?

I have the privilege to work with Chomley House staff who have embraced the Heritage Care philosophy with such ease and without complaint. Their attitude toward being the best and wanting to learn and improve is very moving. This has resulted in amazing results for all stakeholders. As the Quality Manager, I have the opportunity to develop a team of skilled individuals to support all Heritage Care homes providing excellent  outcomes for all residents, representatives and staff.

What do you hope to achieve with Heritage?

Assisting the organisation meet its demand to be ‘the best’.