What is Residential Care?

Residential care is a service provided by qualified caretakers for senior Australians who can no longer handle every-day tasks living independently.

Heritage Care has multiple residential care facilities around Australia. Residential care providers such as Heritage Care should strive to create nursing homes that stimulate learning, friendship, and comfort in the latter years of one’s life.

What is included in Residential Care?

Heritage Care provides a range of aged care activities, services, and facilities that promote healthy friendships, self-development, and learning that reduce the effects of dementia.

Below is a list of services that you might see at a Heritage Care residential care facility.  

  • 24-hour, seven days a week, high-quality nursing care for individuals
  • Assisting patrons in building maximum independence
  • Allied health services, specialised nursing & residential care
  • Integrated family participation in guest care planning
  • Music, crafts and interest groups
  • Exercise classes and regular outings
  • Hairdressing services at our salon
  • A café for family and guests to spend time together
  • Common lounges with TV and Foxtel
  • A library for guests to enjoy reading and quiet time
  • A movie theatre with a projector screen
  • Barbeque areas surrounded by luscious landscapes
  • A private function room for families and friends to celebrate special occasions, where catering can be ordered from the kitchen

 When you’re looking for a suitable aged care home, it’s crucial to find a friend as well as a carer. The staff at Heritage Care prioritise personalised care. We love hearing your stories and participating in the activities and support groups put in place to ensure the utmost comfort and stability during the latter stages of our patron’s lives.

Why is Residential Aged Care Important?

Moving into a nursing home isn’t the end; rather the beginning of a new chapter. Surrounding yourself with people that have similar interests at similar stages of their lives can be motivating and inspiring. After an entire lifetime, packed with joy, sadness, family, friends, jobs, and a whole lot of change, newfound inspiration is a breath of fresh air. 

As we age, the ongoing maintenance of our homes can be consuming. The function and practicality of living independently slowly becomes a hindrance. Residential aged care homes are so important because they aim to simplify circumstances, taking care of the everyday tasks that you may not always have the energy to carry out. 

Care in residential homes gives you the freedom to relax and focus on building strong friendships and connecting with all the activities, hobbies, and interests you haven’t had time for in the past.

The Cost of Aged Care

At Heritage Care, we believe that residential aged care should be accessible to everyone that requires such services.

Below we have listed the maximum price (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) you may be asked to pay when entering one of our residential facilities:

  • Minimum RAD $450,000
  • Maximum RAD $550,000

Payment Options

Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or a combination of both.

  • A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is paid as a lump sum amount.
  • A Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) accrues daily.
  • A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments.

Read further for more information on ‘The Cost of Aged Care in Australia

What is Duty of Care in Aged Care?

Duty of care in age care refers to the standards of care and human rights that all patrons are entitled to, this relates to:

  • The skill, training, and qualification of staff on the premises
  • The responsibilities not to harm, neglect, or injure a patron under residential care
  • Acceptance of race, gender, culture and diversity
  • Regularly informed and updated with easy access to information on the practices and regulations concerning your care
  • Decision making and control over your care, including financial decisions, every-day activities 
  • Personal privacy
  • Freedom to exercise your rights without a compromise in the quality of treatment at the residential aged care facility
  • To be heard and understood.

What is Care Plan in Aged Care?

A care plan in aged care refers to an individual’s detailed schedule and informational documentation required to provide proper care.

A care plan communicates a number of details:

  • Measurable goals and objectives that the patron aims to achieve
  • A list of services that will be provided by an identified caretaker on declared days of the week and, more specifically, times, frequency, and durations
  • Care management arrangements
  • Formal reassessment dates to continue their care plan.

Most aged care providers will take the necessary allocated time to sit down with the patron and map out the goals they would like to achieve, the service they require to the extent of their understanding or preference, and any additional details that the carer may require. From this consultation, a care plan is drawn up and regularly referred to. 

What is Dignity of Risk in Aged Care

‘Dignity of risk’ refers to the concept of affording a person the right (or dignity) to take reasonable risks, and that the impeding of this right can suffocate personal growth, self-esteem and the overall quality of life (Ibrahim & Davis 2013).

 To fail is to learn – creating boundaries of safety is imperative, but the creativity, risk, education, trial and error that occurs within these parameters is vital to the ongoing growth and learning of the individual.

How Many Aged Care Facilities in Victoria?

Choosing an aged care facility in Victoria is no easy task and certainly one that should be approached with an extreme amount of rationale and research.

There are 612 aged care homes in Victoria alone. While the governing policies remain relevant for all residential care facilities, some homes exert more resources, training, patron to carer hours, state of the art facilities and in-depth activity programs to ensure the highest quality of care. 

Heritage Care has four residential aged care facilities in Victoria; Heritage Gardens, Chomley House, Epping Gardens, and Water Gardens.  Learn more about Heritage Care’s aged care in Melbourne.

How Many Aged Care Facilities in Sydney?

Choosing an aged care facility in Sydney is no easy task and certainly one that should be approached with an extreme amount of rationale and research.

There are 3000 aged care providers in Australia with 1239 facilities in Sydney (P. 4 Section 57 – NSW Parliament Aged Care Report). While the governing policies remain relevant for all residential care facilities, some homes exert more resources, training, patron to carer hours, state of the art facilities and in-depth activity programs to ensure the highest quality of care.

Heritage Care has six residential aged care facilities in Sydney; Heritage Pennant Hills, Heritage Kingswood, Heritage Illawong, Heritage Botany, Heritage Queanbeyan, and Heritage the Manor.  Learn more about Heritage Care’s aged care in Sydney.

Heritage Care – Residential Aged Care in Australia

Heritage care instils the reassurance of support and quality age care in Australia. With some of the best aged care facilities in Melbourne and nursing homes in Sydney, Heritage Care is conveniently located a stone’s throw away from most city regions. 

Maintaining strong connections with loved ones is imperative. At Heritage Care, our friendly and highly experienced age care providers strive to go above and beyond, creating healthy and supportive relationships and taking the time to get to know their guests.