Date issued: 6th August 2020

Issued by: The Executive, Heritage Care

Issued to: Residents, Families, Staff, Contractors at Epping Gardens, Heritage Care

Purpose: To provide all stakeholders with information about COVID-19 at Epping Gardens and our responses. These updates will be provided when there are changes to the situation at Epping Gardens.

Deepest Condolences
Heritage Care pass on our deepest sympathies to all those family, friends and our staff who, through their day to day work, formed emotional connectiveness to all those who have passed.

We can confirm:

  • 95 residents have now tested positive for COVID-19 (one more than yesterday)
  • 55 staff have now tested positive for COVID-19 (three more than yesterday)
  • 27 residents are on-site at Epping, 14 of whom are COVID-19 positive
  • Testing was conducted today for all residents and staff on site.

On August 3rd, we advised that we were hand washing residents who are COVID positive due to the added risk of infection to staff assisting with this. Due to the recent positive cases in area designated for COVID negative residents, we are ceasing daily showers for all residents as a temporary measure until the area is completely stabilised and COVID free. All residents will be offered bed bathing daily, either in their bed or their bathroom.

The Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) free services support older people and their representatives to address issues related to Commonwealth funded aged care services. Should you wish to be connected with an advocate, you can reach OPAN on 1800 237 981.