Specialised care for people living with dementia

Heritage Epping Memory Support Unit


Premium Care

Heritage Care is committed to creating a state-of-the-art and intimate home that supports people with dementia to feel a sense of belonging, safety, independence and connection to others.

Best-practice dementia-friendly design has been considered, from size, layout, heating and lighting, furnishings, technology and equipment to the dining experience and care model so your loved one lives a good life and is socially engaged.

This smaller home-like care model of 14 residents will adopt a highly flexible and personalised daily care style that mirrors their current lifestyle.

Our Memory Support Unit is now open.  Local community members have moved in. Register your interest for a tour or a call at your preferred day and time.

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Person-centred Dementia care

Our person-centred care approach means that we’ll continue to help your loved one with dementia take part in the things they enjoy.

Every person’s care plan will be tailored based on their interests, preferences, culture, history, lifestyle and personality.

Your loved one will experience specialised clinical and social dementia care in a small, home-like environment that promotes familiarity, comfort, and independence.

With peace of mind at the forefront of our secure Memory Support Unit, your loved one can move freely as they please to access lounges, dining areas and gardens.

Enhanced resident wellbeing through Humour Foundation’s world-first Laughter Care Program

Heritage Care is partnering with the Humour Foundation to provide resident rich, wellbeing environments that lift spirits and improves health through insightful connection, creative play and joyful humour.

Each dementia resident will have access to a world-first Laughter Care Program developed to address their individual psychosocial needs that engages, uplifts and improves their quality of life.

Highly Skilled Laughter Care Practitioners are accepting of people for who they are, here and now, and are uniquely skilled at stepping into the resident’s world that often relaxes the resident to interact on their own terms. We have sound confidence that this partnership will enhance resident wellbeing across the community.

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Positive resident lifestyle outcomes by focusing on best-practice environment design and staff training with Dementia Australia

Heritage Care is collaborating with Dementia Australia’s consultancy services to integrate an evidence-based, dementia-enabling environmental design.  This partnership is crucial in creating a supportive and safe living space that reduces confusion and promotes independence for people with dementia.

We have also partnered with Dementia Australia’s education team in delivering Advanced Dementia training to our workforce to equip them with best-practice practical strategies for effective connection, communication that creates a strong care community.

Heritage Care’s collaboration with Dementia Australia reflects a comprehensive approach to dementia care that encompasses both physical environment design and staff training. This holistic approach is to enhance a positive and lasting impact on the well-being of individuals living with dementia, while committed to maintaining exceptional quality of care provided by Heritage Care.

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Improved quality of life using innovative and inclusive dementia technology

With a commitment to providing the very best of care, Heritage Care is affiliating with award-winning suppliers of play based products such as Tover. The intention is to promote the creation of an inclusive world with memorable moments between families and carers, contributing to an enhanced quality of life through purposeful play. We can’t wait to see Epping’s MSU community and families embrace the positive social impact from participation in fun and stimulating activities.

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What does the care look like?

  • Advanced dementia trained nurses and care support team
  • Flexible meal times
  • Dementia assistive technology and spaces that enhance independence
  • Dementia specific, vibrant lifestyle and wellness services when they want
  • Home-style dining experience
  • Accredited therapy sessions focused on enhancing health and wellbeing
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Our 14-place MSU small-home model has limited space and will fill up quickly.
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