Kerrie’s dedication to Twin Parks Aged Care residents

As Lifestyle Coordinator at Twin Parks Aged Care Centre (Twin Parks), Kerrie Tilbrook brings all her qualities, skills and experience to running resident lifestyle activities. It’s an important part of building the strong community spirit that’s a standout feature of the Twin Parks home.

Experience, empathy, and genuine care

Last June, Kerrie joined TP as Lifestyle Co-Ordinator. It’s no surprise that she’s thrived in this role with her 16 years of aged care experience and ‘soft’ yet crucial skills and attributes like patience, empathy, genuine care, kindness, and dedication. And it’s easy to see how Kerrie works so well with residents and other staff, and the respect and affection they have for her.

“Challenging and satisfying”

A great thing about the job, Kerrie says, is its variety and breadth. “Every day is different which makes it both challenging and satisfying.”

Kerrie coordinates the weekly lifestyle activities of residents and sets out a monthly calendar of activities like bingo, excursions and incursions, games, crafts, and entertainment. Her role is roughly split between 70% resident interaction and 30% office-based responsibilities.

“We get to know the residents very well, including dementia residents. We work with them in gaining their trust and leading them in various activities during the day.”

“Every day is different which makes it both challenging and satisfying.”

Like a family at work

For Kerrie, the residents are like a family at work. And her positivity and energy translates into residents looking forward to the weekly lifestyle activities. “It’s a great feeling getting out of bed each day,” she says with a smile. “I can be on the floor with residents one-on-one. Or helping other staff. Or updating resident care plans.”

A more structured aspect of the role is the fortnightly lifestyle team meeting, Kerrie, her team of five, and Residence Manager Nisah Maideen, discuss activities, opportunities and challenges that need to be met. Kerrie has an open-door policy, and the lifestyle team can chat individually or as a small group every day if there are any issues. It’s an ‘agile’, flexible approach well suited to creating a tailored lifestyle program accommodating a range of residents in permanent, respite or transitional care.

The Lifestyle team also collaborate with clinical staff to ensure they have intimate information learnt or recent wellbeing on residents they need to know, and vice-versa, facilitating personalised resident care.

Quirks and characteristics

Kerrie remarks fondly about the quirks and characteristics of residents. “Getting to know each resident is definitely a plus. Usually, it’s the loudest voice that’s heard first.” She adds that it can be a little harder getting the men involved in some activities. Once a month there’s a BBQ which is mostly for the men, which they appreciate. “One of the challenges is getting some of the male residents to our activities, while other men really embrace these sessions.”

Kerrie and resident

Community care

Kerrie’s skills, experience and personal attributes all go into the mix in creating and running an engaging, fun and varied range of activities for residents, each week and planning them each month.

Twin Parks Residence Manager Nisah Maideen believes the lifestyle program run by Kerrie is doing a good job of ensuring residents are engaged and productive. “If the residents are happy, I’m happy,” she says. “We embrace each resident’s journey, and we try and have fun every day.”

Nisah Maideen

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