Meet Kate Kaur, Director of Nursing at Heritage Epping

Kate Kaur, Director of Nursing at Heritage Epping

Meet Kate, our Director of Nursing at Heritage Epping. Kate Kaur began her Diploma of Nursing in 2013 and her first placement in residential aged care was so positive that it cemented her career choice in supporting the elderly.

“I find my role so rewarding. I provide leadership and operational management in the delivery of excellence in clinical care. This ranges from ensuring the nursing team and care staff at Heritage Epping provide care that meets residents’ needs as identified in their care plans and in accordance with The Aged Care Quality Standards,” explains Kate.

“I am supported by a skilled and wonderful multi-disciplinary team that collectively delivers high quality customer service to the residents and their families. What people may not know is that we provide assisted living within an intimate community and help residents feel empowered to live independently and with choice.

“Nothing is more rewarding than making residents and work colleagues smile or laugh. Solving queries and witnessing the effect of filling someone’s bucket demonstrates the difference you make to someone’s day. In residential aged care, you truly make a difference…every single day!” reveals Kate.

Kate has been a valued member of the Heritage Epping team for over two years. “My manager Julio Castillo is amazing. The entire nursing and support team are awesome too and that’s why I enjoy working for this company. I am so grateful for the career opportunities and advancements offered at Heritage Care,” explains Kate. Originally seconded for six months to the role of Director of Nursing, Kate seized the opportunity and made such a positive impression that the executive team appointed her permanently in the role.

“If someone is thinking about working in residential aged care, I would tell them that aged care is the perfect place for somebody who has compassion and empathy, two essential elements in quality care and the ability to put a smile on a resident’s face,” encourages Kate.

If you’d like to meet Kate and the rest of our friendly Heritage Epping team, book a tour by calling Rita on 0460 432 049.

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Why work at Heritage Care?

Do you like making a real difference to people’s lives?  Our team does just that, every single day!  It is hard to beat the satisfaction gained from knowing you have helped someone and how grateful that person and their families are to you for the care or support provided.

If you are the type of person who loves being helpful and putting a smile on the face of an elderly person, then a career with us in aged care is a fantastic and rewarding choice.

A brighter place to work

Heritage Care is a place where you’ll work with others who share your passions. Contribute to delivering quality, person centred care and be an integral member of exciting projects.

Experience a deep appreciation for your abilities that inspires you to bring your best. Here, your work is as meaningful to us as it is to you, and we are committed to providing you with the right benefits and flexibility to help you shine.

A brighter place to grow

To us, learning and development is a welcome part of the job. We provide opportunities for you to learn on the job through a range of internal opportunities and new project purposes. Not just a few times a year. But every day. You won’t go it alone, though. Your manager will be there to support you on your growth journey, and you will have access to the right tools and trainings you need to shine brightly and reach your full potential.

A brighter place to lead

Everyone at Heritage Care is a leader. We depend not only on brilliant, individual leaders, but also on a community of leaders, each focused on what they can do to contribute to creating a bright environment for our residents and work colleagues. We foster this culture of leadership by creating an inclusive workplace where everyone looks out for one another and helps each other radiate.

Our philosophy and work environment

At Heritage Care, we are committed to promoting quality of life in residential aged care. Every elderly Australian is entitled to receive safe, high-quality care in a stimulating environment.

We aspire to be the best at what we do, to the benefit of our residents and representatives where quality care is paramount.

Working as part of a team of empathetic and caring professionals, you will aid in making a positive impact on the life of our residents with your compassionate, supportive approach that empowers our residents’ choices and independence

Established in 2002, we now employ up to 1,000 people across Victoria and New South Wales.