Dementia Care

Are you looking for Dementia care for a loved one?

Dementia-friendly care

All Heritage Care homes are dementia-friendly communities suitable for people living with low level dementia care. We take a person-centred approach to care to empower residents with autonomy, independence and to ensure their care needs are understood, respected and supported.

Our staff are trained in dementia care which ensures people with dementia can continue to live how they want to in the community.

Memory Support Units

Heritage Care also offers dedicated Memory Support Units (MSUs) at four of our homes.

A Memory Support Unit (sometimes known as a dementia unit) is a purpose built facility with their own gardens and courtyards to provide a safe and secure environment for people living with high dementia care needs.

Our Memory Support Units prioritise the wellbeing of residents and have carefully thought design care environments to help maintain a person’s abilities, increase independence and provide meaningful engagement.

Memory Support Units often include attached gardens and outdoor greenspaces to give residents mental stimulation and safely spend time outside. Spending

time in greenspaces has been shown to have positive mental health benefits, as well as boosting vitamin D levels, lowering our blood pressure and reducing stress.

Our five homes with MSUs include:

Contact a member of our Heritage Care team to help you learn more about our dementia care services and how we can support you during this time.

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