Eileen and Kathleen forge a close friendship at Twin Parks Aged Care

We recently talked to Eileen Grindal and Kathleen Maulden (left to right in the photo) who have forged a lasting bond of friendship as residents in our Twin Parks home in Reservoir, Victoria.

Firm friends, easy smiles

Eileen and Kathleen have easy smiles and nod in gentle agreement when talking about their lives before coming to Twin Parks and afterwards as residents. They’re firm friends and look out for each other.

“It’s nice to meet someone you get along with,” Kathleen says. Aged 93, Kathleen values strong ties of family and friendship. Growing up in Preston, a stone’s throw from our Twin Parks residence, she’s seen the area change a great deal – from Melbourne’s premier garment manufacturing centre to a more residential, gentrified suburb these days.

Eileen, aged 90, is a spirited person with a dry sense of Humour. Like Kathleen, she grew up not too far away in Fairfield, close to the famous boathouse. She also values family and friends and has witnessed many changes over the years.

Kindred spirits

In talking to Eileen and Kathleen, it’s clear they’re kindred spirits who live their best lives with a very positive outlook.

Kathleen’s son lives locally and visits regularly. She’s looking forward to family time at Christmas.

Eileen is closest to her nephew who lives around the corner from the Twin Parks residence. They see a lot of each other during the week; playing with her nephew’s dog is a highlight.

Warmth and genuine care at Twin Parks Aged Care

Eileen and Kathleen’s experience of residential care has been overwhelmingly positive – the quality and consistency of care and carers, the residence, the food, the activities and entertainment, are all appreciated. They love the help with showers and meals brought to their rooms.

As with so many other residents, they look forward to Bingo. It’s high on their to-do list and they always save each other a seat.

When asked about what she values most about her experience at Twin Parks, Kathleen believes it has a lot to do with the warmth and genuine care of the staff.

Eileen agrees. “They’re always there to help us. They really look out for us.”

They both love the huge TV room with the big screen. Eileen pays close attention to current affairs. She thinks there’s too much negative news these days and not enough good news.

Heritage Care’s commitment

At Heritage Care, we’re committed to fulfilling the care and lifestyle needs of our residents through assistive technology, strategic partnerships, person-centred care, and importantly, the talents and experience of our dedicated team members.

It’s great to know that Eileen and Kathleen enjoy a good experience in care, and that they appreciate Heritage Care’s focus on residents as unique individuals with specific care needs. As active and positive people, they look forward to interacting with other residents and sharing their lives and friendship, every day.

About Twin Parks Aged Care

Our Reservoir residence provides a friendly, comfortable, and homely environment and is well-equipped to accommodate ageing in place as your situation or needs change.

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