Meet our team: Ranjana’s rewarding career as a Registered Nurse

Meet Ranjana BC. As a Registered Nurse (RN) at Heritage Epping, she has loved the path her career has taken so far in healthcare and aged care. It’s been one of dedication, learning, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Building a career foundation

Ranjana laid the foundations for a career in healthcare by studying for a Diploma of Nursing. During this time, she also worked as a Personal Care Assistant and PCA (medication endorsed), gaining invaluable hands-on experience and insights on aged care.

After completing her Diploma in 2020, Ranjana recognised the importance of leadership and management skills in healthcare, completing an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management. In 2021, she started her Bachelor of Nursing, which proved challenging but rewarding, and she was pleased to graduate in 2022.

A new chapter at Heritage Epping

“Becoming a nurse is a fulfilling job,” Ranjana says. “You can make a real difference in people’s lives, every day.”

“A kind, caring disposition is required to fit in,” she adds. She adds that continuous learning and never stopping caring about the people you help are key success factors.

“I’ve always loved spending time with older people, especially after my grandmother passed away when I was young.” It was a decisive moment for Ranjana, and why she decided to become a nurse – to care for those who need it most through connection and kindness. “Being a kind-hearted and caring individual is why I love my job and enjoy working closely with residents.”

“Becoming a nurse is a fulfilling job. You can make a real difference in people’s lives, every day.”

Challenges and successes

Part of a rewarding career is overcoming the inevitable challenges that test one’s resilience and determination. As an RN, Ranjana has had to navigate complex medical scenarios and foster meaningful connections with residents and their families. She sees this as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Despite the challenges, there have been countless moments of success and fulfillment. “Every time I see someone feeling better or smiling because of the care we give – it makes it all worth it,” Ranjana says.

Support from Heritage Care

A decisive factor for Ranjana’s remarkable, rewarding career is the support she’s received from Heritage Care, with education, training and assistance whenever needed, as well as the supportive culture.

“The team here feels like a family. We work together to ensure our residents receive the best care possible and are happy and healthy.”

Ranjana believes this supportive environment encourages collaboration, personal growth, and a deep sense of belonging.

Working at Heritage Care

At Heritage Care, you’ll work with others who share your passion for delivering quality care. Importantly, you’ll be valued for your unique skills, experience and characteristics, and be inspired to bring your best – every day.

In short, we’re committed to providing you with support to grow your skills to help you shine.

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