Meet Ailiene Faccin – Heritage Northcote’s Residence Manager

This month, Heritage Care proudly opened the newest addition to its portfolio of aged care homes – Heritage Northcote. Ailiene Faccin joined the team as Residence Manager and looks forward to welcoming its first residents in the weeks to come.

Ailiene joined Heritage Northcote with more than 14 years’ experience in aged care, gained across several prominent Victorian aged care providers. Having previously worked in pharmacy services to aged care homes moving into aged care was a natural progression for Ailiene.

“I began working in pharmacy after I had my second child. I enjoyed going into the aged care homes as part of that role. I remember thinking, this is fantastic, I can do this. I’ve now been in aged care for 14 years. And I’m very lucky to have had a lot of great mentors along the way.”

More than just a job

To Ailiene, her role as Residence Manager is much more than a job. She is passionate about building relationships and a strong sense of community amongst her residents, their loved ones and Heritage Northcote team.

“What I love about my job is that you become family to people. When my two sons were growing up, they’d come and do activities with the residents – it just became part of our life. My sons are now 20 and 25, but they still come past when we have things on. And I think for the residents that don’t have family, it’s nice that we’re family for them.”

Why Ailiene loves Heritage Northcote

Ailiene tells us that when she learnt about our new Northcote home, she jumped at the chance to be involved. “When I heard this was opening, I thought, ‘I’m there’. Heritage Northcote just feels like home,” she adds.

Although there are many outstanding benefits of our Northcote home – such as beautiful outdoor spaces, a vibrant lifestyle program and bustling Northcote shops, theatre and cafes close by – Ailiene is most excited about the premium dining experience on offer to our residents.

“My favourite thing about Northcote is the waiter table service and the choice of your meal at every mealtime. Our dining is quite different from what some people might expect from aged care. Residents order from their table and don’t have to pre-order in advance. It’s that restaurant feel and it gives residents choice around their food which is really important to them.”

In fact, the ability for residents to exercise choice is a big priority for Ailiene.

“Living well as a resident is exercising your choices and making sure they are your choices and no one else’s. I believe everyone has the ability to be able to give their choice.”

Ailiene at work and at home

As the General Manager, a typical workday for Ailiene is always different. She oversees reporting, audits, policies and procedures, and is responsible for ensuring the home strictly complies with government regulatory requirements. She also, naturally, prioritises spending time with our residents.

“I always have an open door and make sure I’ve got time for residents, even if I stay longer than my required shift – it doesn’t matter. We’re here for a reason. And that’s for our residents. Plus, I want to have some fun in my day and enjoy my time here – and that happens when I get to spend time with residents.”

When Ailiene isn’t busy managing our Northcote home, she embraces the quiet life and spends most of her time relaxing at home.

“I’m very much a homebody, it’s all about family outside of here. My mum lives in an aged care home in regional Victoria, where I grew up. So, I often go and visit her,” she says.

What gets Ailiene out of bed each day?

Overall Ailiene tells us that her favourite part of working at Heritage Northcote is the sense of belonging it gives her.

“It’s your friendships with your residents and team – we are like a family. Whenever I talk to people about my work, something will come up about a resident that I have looked after and the impact they’ve had on my life. Whatever we give here, you get back tenfold.”

If you’d like to meet Ailiene and the rest of our friendly Heritage Northcote team, or book a tour call 1300 564 611.

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