Peter Owens

Why did you join Heritage Care?

I had many reasons. I wanted to work in an organisation that provided direct benefit to the community, in an industry where I saw a lot of opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of what we deliver through technology. I also had great respect for the whole leadership team here and knew it was the right place for me.

What is your professional background?

My background is in science and IT. I came from a software development background but was running an IT consultancy specialising in application integration for the last few years prior to joining Heritage Care. I’ve also had experience with the government, designing forecasting and rostering systems.

What difference do you hope to make with the group?

I hope to significantly reduce a lot of unnecessary manual work using our IT systems, and be able to identify trends and issues with our care delivery as soon as they happen, allowing us to respond more quickly and deliver a better service for all of our residents.

Describe your most rewarding moment with Heritage?

So far it has been the roll out of a centralised reporting system for all of our homes allowing us to monitor incidents, staffing levels and ratios.

Describe the team you work with?

I am based in the head office, and have plenty to do with the CEO, HR Manager, Finance manager and Quality manager. I really love the team dynamic and we all work really well together. The team amaze me each day with their commitment to quality, hard work, and excellence.

What do you hope to achieve with Heritage?

I don’t want to just catch up to the industry best practice here. I want to set the bar so high at Heritage Care that we become the reference point for all Aged Care in Australia.