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Heritage Care has flourished into a fully operational aged care provider with substantial corporate support through an excellent business model. Growing from humble beginnings, Heritage Care now has three premium aged care homes with over 290 beds to offer. Heritage Care has placed heavy emphasis on maintaining quality service through boutique living for consumers and is synonymous with our Mission Statement.

In 2012 and 2013, Heritage Care opened an extension to Heritage Gardens in Bayswater and commenced operation of Water Gardens in Sydenham. In 2014, Heritage Care acquired Chomley House and undertook substantial changes to ensure significant improvements for the health, safety and comfort of the consumers.

Heritage Care is an accredited aged care provider offering permanent and respite care. All our homes are accredited for the maximum period of three years. Heritage Care has no history of previous sanctions and has never failed to meet the requirements of the expected outcomes of the Accreditation Standards. Our Mission is merely to surpass the expected outcomes set by the Quality Agency.


Founded in 2002, Heritage Care is an Australian, independently owned, provider of residential aged care.

Heritage Care originated from humble beginnings with a single aged care home accommodating 43 consumers, but this was just the beginning of a vision for owner Tony Antonopoulos, now the Managing Director. During this time, Tony took up some clever entrepreneurial opportunities to ensure strategic business outcomes resulting in growth and sustainability. This not only supported the entire team of staff that depended on astute and meaningful choices, but also for those who live at the flagship home Heritage Gardens.

When asked how he has maintained the momentum in this industry for so long, Tony replied, “If I have to be away from my family to go to work then I make a choice to enjoy what I do every day and enjoy the people that I work with. Additionally, to stay stagnant is equivalent to extinction. Heritage Care is like a living being, a plant or flower which we need to keep feeding to allow it to grow and change. This knowledge ensures it will maintain my interest and the interest of staff and key people”.

Speaking of plants, like the rosehip’s therapeutic qualities, Heritage Care’s symbol is a nice visual that organically blends the letters of the name with beautiful gardens to automatically and gently remind us of the caring and nurturing environment offered to residents today and going into the future. There are no limits, no one knows how it will end, just keep an open mind and explore the potential.

While Tony, is the driving force and financier of Heritage Care, he allows operational autonomy to his right-hand-man, Chief Executive, Greg Reeve. For more information on our team go to the Our Team page.

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