Nisah Maideen Returns to Lead Twin Parks Aged Care

As Residence Manager of Twin Parks in Reservoir, Nisah Maideen draws on her well-earned breadth of experience in nursing management across multiple segments of aged care in Australia. She has worked with a range of approved aged care providers, large and small, including Estia, Baptcare, CraigCare and Doutta Gala. At each one, she quietly observed and grew her knowledge of what makes a successful aged care home – for residents, their families and staff.

Nisah explains, “It’s a privilege to be there for someone in their later years of life. They’ve given a lot to society and their lives haven’t always been easy. They deserve the best care experience we can provide.

“To help stay focused on what’s important, I think of the older members in my own family and what sort of care they would like and expect. I also ask myself what I would appreciate as a relative of the loved one in care.”

When asked about her preferred working environment Nisah says “I am much happier working in a residential aged care setting as it allows you to get to know the residents, families and staff enabling bonds and relationships to be created. In hospitals, you don’t really have the chance to do that.”

Interestingly, Nisah’s career clarity as a nurse occurred after finishing her exams. Originally destined to become an accountant, she had change of heart and decided that nursing was the most appealing option.  And Nisah hasn’t looked back since. “It’s all worked out how it was meant to be,” she says with a grin.

Nisah moved to Australia from Singapore in 2009 and has a Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Sydney, with further qualifications in Training, and in Aged Care Management.

After she graduated in nursing in Singapore in 1997, she began her nursing career in hospitals working in cardio, trauma and emergency. Her first time working in aged care was when she came to Australia and she has definitely found her calling.

Nisah dabbled in the home care sector, but after 12 months returned to residential aged care. “I missed being with the residents. Without the chance to talk to residents and follow their daily progress, I didn’t feel the same sense of purpose,” she says, “My role here at Twin Parks is a much better fit.”

Funnily enough, it is not the first time Nisah has worked at Twin Parks. She used to work at Twin Parks as the Residence Manager. When Heritage Care took ownership of the company in April 2023, Nisah received a phone call asking if she would like to come back and accepted immediately.

Nisah’s favourite part of her role is getting the know the residents and their families and creating a good work culture. Her philosophy is a simple one – if the residents are happy, she’s happy. “We try to celebrate each resident’s life choices, stories and cultural background, so that we can embrace their journey. And we try to have fun every day. “

Nisah’s personal management style is to empower her team as much as possible. She has an open door policy and encourages the team to make suggestions and decisions that will improve the lives of their residents, the community and the team culture.

With the families, she believes transparency is key and ensuring there is always two-way communication. “Everything works better when we’re all on the same page. When residents, families and staff have accurate, timely information, smarter decisions can be made around care,” she says.

Nisah is looking forward to the changes happening under the new leadership at Heritage Care, as she believes it will help her and her team improve the residents’ care and quality of life.

On a personal note, she is a mum to a 19 year-old son, her pride and joy. In her spare time, she likes to eat out, binge Netflix and spend time with her family. “There’s an expression that people use a lot nowadays and I’m lucky enough to see it play out every day. “There’s nothing more important than family.”

Twin Parks Aged Care Centre

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Twin Parks provides residential care for those who require 24 hour nursing care or greater assistance with their daily living. This residence provides a friendly, comfortable, and homely environment and is well-equipped to accommodate ageing in place as your situation or needs change.

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