Betty and Barbara appreciate dignity and care at Twin Parks Aged Care

Betty Lunny and Barbara Rossi (from left in picture, respectively) share an appreciation of dignity and respect at Twin Parks Aged Care. While they come from different backgrounds, they have both transitioned from respite (short-term) care.

Betty’s values of dignity and care

Betty Lunny, now in her 90s, enjoys good health. A direct, polite, no-nonsense person, she’s thankful for her health, her family, her friendships, and all the opportunities in her life.

Born and raised in Footscray in Melbourne’s inner-west, Betty is one of eight children. She’s also a loyal Bulldogs (AFL) fan, having watched her brother Ron play in Footscray’s 1954 premiership side, supporting the ‘Doggies’ all her life. Betty went to the local Kingsville state school and learned the value of hard work in the carpet and canning industry in her adult years.

Growing up in a large and happy family with a “terrific upbringing”, Betty places strong importance on kindness and respect. Her large family, which includes two great-grandchildren, now live mostly in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, in proximity to the Twin Parks home in Reservoir. Betty looks forward to her family visits twice a week and enjoys a good balance of social activities and alone time.

Barbara is rewarded for her hard work

Barbara Rossi, 82, came to Twin Parks from respite care into permanent care, having arrived more recently than Betty. She has no complaints about her clinical and personal care but says that life in her new home has been a big adjustment.

Barbara grew up in Ballarat and had a “beautiful life” albeit tough at times. Like Betty, Barbara came from a big family and learned the value of hard work. Her career was in dental nursing, putting in long hours each day without complaint. She’s proud of her commitment to her profession and what she achieved.

Barbara values her new friends at Twin Parks, including our Lifestyle Coordinator, Kerrie Tilbrook. Barbara likes doing arts and crafts, especially sewing and knitting, which she excels at.

Dignity of care at Twin Parks Aged Care

Betty and Barbara’s experience of respite and permanent residential care has been consistently positive. When asked about what they value most about their life at Twin Parks, they talk about the quality and dignity of care at the home, as well as the amenities, the activities, and the kind and friendly care they receive from staff.

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