Mabel celebrates her residency at Watergardens aged care

Mabel Abeywickrama, 91, has been part of the Watergardens aged care community for 10 years. She shares her story about growing up in Sri Lanka, her life in Australia, and her experience in full-time residential care.

Part of the Watergardens aged care community

Mabel is a much loved and admired resident for her ready smile, calm nature, and kind words. The Watergardens community is excited to celebrate Mabel’s 10-year anniversary as a resident.
“So far so good” is one of Mabel’s favourite sayings. It’s such a positive and pure sentiment, and reflects her ability to find joy, happiness and meaning in each moment, every day.

Elephants and sapphires

Mabel grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and loves the country’s unique culture as well as the symbolic and economic importance of its elephants. She’s a practicing Buddhist and strict vegetarian, and regularly goes to temple. Mabel’s husband was a tea-planter and jeweller specialising in sapphires and inspired her love of jewellery. Mabel also loves people and place. She reflects on her school days and how she looked forward to her teachers’ stories about Goa’s beautiful beaches and historic buildings.

A new life, a community connection

Mabel and her family came to Australia in 1991, gaining permanent residency two years later. With three children, four (Australian-born) grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, she has a hectic but fulfilling family life. Her son Ranjit and daughter Manori live locally, while her youngest daughter, Indu, visits Australia regularly from Sri Lanka.

Since entering the Watergardens community as a permanent resident in January 2014, Mabel has seen many changes in the home and many different faces over the years. Her ability to overcome the language barrier by connecting through happiness and generosity of spirit has touched everyone at the Watergardens home – residents, carers, and management alike.

A multi-faceted approach to residential care

Mabel appreciates the dedicated care from all staff at our Watergardens aged care home – including the care taken to prepare her soft food as it allows her to eat without tooth sensitivity.
The Watergardens team work hard in applying a people-centred, multi-faceted approach to residential care for residents like Mabel, as well as those in respite care. Each team member is dedicated to brightening the resident’s day with stimulating and versatile experiences to help them stay connected to each other and their loved ones.

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