What to Bring to a Nursing Home Visit

What to Bring to a Nursing Home Visit?

What kind of gifts should you bring mum, dad, or a dear old friend living in a nursing home that’ll brighten their day? 

We’ve noticed family members and friends bringing some incredible gifts into Heritage Care – but the most important thing is to consult their interests. What are their hobbies? Were they Elvis fanatics? Do they collect stamps, spoons, coins or pop culture? Are they in need of a technology update that will simplify a few everyday tasks? 

We’re going to delve into ‘what to bring to a nursing home visit’, but just remember the real truth is that they’re content that you have brought yourself, and they can spend time with you. 

Things to Bring to a Nursing Home Visit

Take our suggestions on board and make them your own!


Something Hand-Made

Monetary values appear to fade as we get older, and the value of sentiment only increases. Create something original, either with your kids or just yourself. A painting, a knitted blanket or jumper, maybe paint Nan a new mug to remember you during her morning tea rituals.



There are plenty of things to bring to a nursing home visit, the list may be too long. But games are high on that list. Board games are an effective way to stimulate the brain, which can reduce the onset of dementia, all-the-while keeping that special someone entertained and socially engaged with their fellow residents.

We have quite an extensive list of games and a heavy activity schedule like many aged care facilities, so it’s a good idea to ask them what game they’d love to revisit or check if they already have the game you’re thinking about buying.


A Basket of Ingredients

Depending on the skill level of your inner master chef, bring a basket of ingredients and put on a fancy meal for your loved one. Share a bottle of wine, laugh, cry, eat and celebrate the beautiful relationship you share. 

We find that a good conversation can have the most profound impact on the motivation and moods of our residents.


A Photo Album

Collate the memorable moments into a pretty scrapbook or photo album and stumble down memory lane. This can be somewhat of an emotional experience but one they will cherish. 

Be sure to include any new additions to the family! Children grow up fast, but they grow even faster when you’ve got a few years under your belt – it’s hard to keep up.

A collection devoted to their grandkids – or your little ones if there is no blood relation – is a fantastic way of keeping them up-to-date with their schooling, achievements, celebrations, and hardships.

Pampering Products

A little bit of self-care goes a long way!

  • Essential oils
  • Dried flowers (or alive flowers)
  • Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Moisturisers
  • Facials
  • Fresh towels
  • New linen
  • Dehumidifier

You could even go as far as hiring your loved one a massage therapist to visit the nursing home to take them on a relaxing journey. That’s a gift that would surely make their week!


Music is a cheeky way to trigger some nostalgic memories. Bring in a few of their favourite artists on vinyl, or if you think they’ll enjoy the progression of music technology, introduce them to Spotify or Apple Music!  Whatever their preferred method of listening to music, it’ll be special nonetheless. 

Remember, some nursing homes have record players, some don’t, maybe just check in advance.

A New TV or Media Device

Is there a model out that will revolutionise their way of life? If grandma loves watching her stories in the morning but can no longer see well enough to read subtitles, maybe a new television is the way to go. Or perhaps grandpa’s watches boxing and footy on his Saturday afternoon, but his hearing aid doesn’t do a great job, and he has trouble following the action, so maybe a taste for what surround sound is like? If they’re into their music, an MP3 player or tablet may be a great gift.

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As we age, the clothing we wear can be restricting, which can dramatically affect the independence and even the self-esteem of the elderly. Owning a wardrobe that is comfortable and still on par with style preferences is absolutely essential. 

Bringing a couple of new outfits to your friend or family member in a nursing home is a practical and thoughtful gesture, but you should also consider they might prefer to shop with you! In that case, take them out for lunch, go to the mall, and have a shopping day… even better.

Books or Magazines

A selection of their favourite authors? A collection of their preferred gossip magazines? Perhaps some crossword puzzles? Even better – hand write a nice memory involving your loved one that you’ve always held close to your heart.

Heritage Care

nursing home in Kingswood entranceKnowing what to bring to a nursing home visit is understanding the desires and needs belonging to your loved one. Whether the couch they’ve had for years is starting to hurt their back, or their coffee table is too low for the amount of time they spend reading and drinking tea – open the lines of communication check-in to see what they need.

Remember, the best gift is one that you have already achieved, your presence. They are most likely ecstatic that you’re coming to visit – anything on top of that is a bonus.

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