Michael Feels at Home in Heritage Botany

Michael feels at home in Heritage Botany

When the aroma of a freshly prepared meal fills the dining room, Michael feels at home in Heritage Botany. Resident Michael Taylor has been a member of the Heritage Botany community for the past three and half years.  Food plays a pivotal role in his life and Michael’s daily routine is centred around the social dining experience that he often shares with his wife Shirley, just as they did when living together. “I often enjoy a meal with my husband and it gives Michael a sense of homeliness, ” explains Shirley.

When Michael first came to Heritage Botany, he was very unwell and unhappy. Now, with professional care, he has recovered and content. “Initially, I didn’t have the choice to continue caring for him as everything happened suddenly, but within the first few weeks of living at Heritage Botany, I realised that Michael was in the right place, receiving the very best care from kind and thoughtful staff.

“The management and staff at Heritage Botany are very approachable. As a frequent visitor, I always see staff taking the time to stop and talk to residents and families. It’s so heart-warming to see the connections formed as well as the respect and genuineness shown by the team to everyone. That’s the true essence of care!

“Michael looks forward to participating in the daily lifestyle program, especially the themed and cultural day celebrations. He is busier now than he was living with me! The lifestyle team do an amazing job.

“Heritage Botany is a fantastic, residential aged care home. Your loved one will feel right at home” declares Shirley.

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