Meet our Client Service Manager Rita Brassington

Heritage Care have dedicated Client Service Managers to ensure your loved one is taken care of. Rita Brassington is our Client Service Manager for Heritage Northcote and Heritage Epping.

Rita is often the first point of contact for nervous families and residents entering aged care. The transition to living in a residential aged care facility can feel overwhelming, which is where Rita comes in to provide ageing in place solutions.

“I enjoy meeting people and being able to help families that are experiencing the difficult decision of having to place their loved one, whilst making the transition into aged care as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for the resident,” says Rita.

Client Service Managers bring empathy to role

A Client Service Manager is a key support role in the early stages of finding the right home for you, or your loved one. They offer expert and unbiased advice to help guide you through the often-daunting aged care process.

“Listening to and understanding the family’s expectations is vital. Meeting these expectations and being aware that the family are concerned about placing their loved one is the key to a smooth admission,” says Rita.

“I also encourage the families to stay and have a meal with their loved one for the process to move along smoothly.”

Rita is known for her sensitivity and empathy when dealing with residents, spouses and family member entering into an aged care home. She brings to the role extensive knowledge of the aged care process and an ability to share vital information to assist the family with enough knowledge to make informed decisions about future care for their loved ones.

This also extends to explaining the assessment process, the prospective costs of residential aged care and completing the paperwork. Rita’s role as a Client Service Manager is to provide an unbiased assessment of a prospective resident and ensure they are matched with the right aged care home for their individual needs.

A passion for healthcare

Rita first began her career as a PA for the Greenvale Hospital CEO, which gave her a true passion for the health sector. This passion led her to study and work in management positions in social work departments at major hospitals.

Rita then studied aged care legislations and financial planning to be able to effectively explain the legalities and financial implications of aged care to residents and their families. She has worked with lawyers, state trustees and VCAT which has given her an incredibly thorough working knowledge she can use to expertly advise families of the requirements of placing a loved one in aged care as seamlessly as possible.

“I find listening to the families wants and needs is the key, as this provides me with the opportunity to get to know as much as I possibly can about the family during this time,” says Rita.

“This information is then passed onto all necessary staff to make the admission comfortable and less stressful for both the resident and the family. It’s about making the transition into aged care as enjoyable as possible.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

At some point in most of our lives, we will need to navigate the process of transitioning ourselves or a loved one into an Aged Care facility. This journey can be confusing, challenging and emotionally draining, but don’t worry – there are plenty of support options available to you and Heritage Care’s Client Service Managers can explain these options.
A start is by contacting aged care homes as early as possible, asking any questions you have, and scheduling tours or visits to those you think may be a good fit. The decision to transition into Aged Care usually involves more than just the caregiver and the person entering care, so we recommend that all decision makers involved attend the tours and meetings.  We understand that everyone feels differently about how to navigate care for older people we love, so some differing opinions or concerns are to be expected and Heritage Care’s Client Service Managers are experienced in managing group discussions and respects the needs and wishes of all involved.

Aged care a rewarding career

Do you work in business development and thinking of a career change?  We are seeking additional Client Service Managers that continue the long standing, successful partnerships with our referral organisations as well as introducing and supporting new clients to the Heritage Care homes.

Rita believes working in aged care is a rewarding endeavor that is strengthened by the strong teamwork of the Heritage Care family.

“My most memorable admissions are when the family contact me to advise me how happy mum, dad, grandparent / aunt, uncle, or friend are with our care and that they are enjoying the plethora of activities we provide on-site,” she says.

“What I love most about my work is the beautiful surroundings, excellent teamwork and being surrounded by such a passionate team where everyone is always ready to assist in any way they can.”

Would Rita recommend working in aged care?

“I cannot recommend highly enough; I have been in this profession too many years to mention, and the satisfaction of providing the highest level of care, as well as the knowledge obtained by listening to the wonderful life-stories of the beautiful residents, makes it all worthwhile and drives me to achieve my goals.”